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The most important component of Personalized Financial Services is the CLIENT!

The Client must be the focal point of all the elements which comprise the sum total of services provided.  The financial future and security of the Client is at the heart of all decision making.  Fiduciary responsibility means all the advice, recommendations, and services provided by the Investment Adviser (IA) are solely for benefit of the Client and no one else.  The interest of the Client comes before the IA. Even though the Client makes the ultimate decision, the IA will partner with the Client throughout the process to assist in the best possible outcome.

The Personal Financial Planning Process (PFPP) is a six step formula for a more secure future.


Step One – Know Where You Stand

Step Two – Preliminary Goals & Expectations

Step Three – Review & Analyze

Step Four – Financial Plan

Step Five – Implementation

Step Six – Monitor & Modify


The Client should adopt and apply the following four ESSENTIAL personal elements to all areas of their financial lives, especially investing:



Creating a secure financial future, like the erection of a large skyscraper, starts with a blue-print of where you are going and what you have to do to get there.  However, even with a long-term plan, SHORT TERM FOCUS is also imperative.  Unless each piece is carefully placed, the entire structure may collapse before completion.



Let me help you build your dreams of the future, today!



A reoccurring annual Client retainer fee of $100 will be assessed with no partial year proration.


Studies have shown that most investment returns come from the equity category selected rather than specific investments!


What is the future direction of personal investing? Should it continue to be the status Quo? Do investors have to accept the current investing conditions and strategies espoused by the Financial Industry? Without an accurate crystal ball, how can Investors and Financial Professionals alike determine which equity category will offer enhanced returns and when to invest in it? Stock market activity is random but most every year there are certain equity investment categories which tend to lead all others. They are Small Cap, Large Cap, and Emerging Markets. Please read the following whitepaper that discusses the ISSUES, the OPPORTUNITIES, and the BENEFITS for enhanced returns through the best selection of equity investments……for the benefit of long-term Investors and not the Financial Industry!




The following green link is the Strategic Momentum Investing (SMI) white paper which provides in depth discussion and details of this strategy. By utilizing this service, you will enhance your stock market returns while staying invested throughout a business cycle expansion.


Strategic Momentum Investing PDF