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    I.S.S.U.E.®, INC.

    Investment Advisory Services: Specializing in Investor Education, Capital Preservation & Market Value and Strategic Momentum Investing Strategies to preserve your wealth and maximize your future investment returns!

Investment Strategies Simply Understood & Executed®

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The cornerstone for successful investing for all Investors is education. INVESTESCENT® offers Investors two educational and motivational video seminars entitled: Building Wealth, for ages 20 - 50, and Pre/Post Retirement, for ages 50+. They will empower Investors to take greater control of their financial future through education, involvement, and persistence.

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Personalized Financial Services & STRATEGIC MOMENTUM INVESTING (SMI)

Partnering with you, the Investor, to grow and secure your investment wealth for a brighter financial future. SMI offers enhanced stock market returns for the Investor by answering the questions; What do I invest in and When do I invest in it.

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Extreme stock market volatility has created significant emotional road blocks for investors, excessive capital losses in retirement portfolios, and lost decades of earnings potential. The Financial Industry's risk management tool, DIVERSITY, has not been effective in providing capital preservation. Long-Term Trend Analysis WILL preserve your investments and grow your wealth.

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